bikes and scooters = life

The days my be long (and hot), 
and there may be some tear-filled nights during this uncertain and tough season of loss...

but watching the life these two girls have
 gives LIFE to me.

so blessed by a sweet little street and precious neighbors to play with each day.
bikes and scooters and inflatable pools...

it's the little things these days. :)

 photo out1_zpse02f8ab2.jpg  photo out4_zps0a03c0c0.jpg  photo out3_zps634b0568.jpg  photo out2_zps7e55b42d.jpg  photo out6_zpsae9ef5cb.jpg  photo out5_zps39604469.jpg  photo out9_zpsfc2afe69.jpg  photo out8_zpsbf208127.jpg

Hope y'all have a great day and weekend!

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