{fresh motivation}: "What the hell is water?"

Day 2 in my "fresh motivation" series.
(check out day 1 here, to enter an amazing giveaway
and spread love to Uganda)

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watch this.
it'll be worth your time, I promise.
(and a word to the SAHM's, don't stop watching this when it starts talking about the 9-5 white collar worker.
Though that may not be you...
you (we) still have our OWN daily grind.
so just apply it to you.

good, right?
not my typical motivational thing,
and while I don't totally agree with every single word he said,
I thought this was mind-opening and thought-provoking.

so, my fresh motivation take-away?
CHOOSE to think differently, so as to not be pushed into the "default" thinking I can easily slip into in my daily grind.
don't judge.
Remember we most likely have NO idea what the other person's story is.
(I've actually written about this before...
about stepping back to consider someone's story before judging)

Wouldn't we want other people to consider US instead of using the default frustration?
Honestly just today, I had a little meltdown in my car, missing my Dad.
I passed an ambulance with paramedics taking a stretcher into a house,
and the memory of that with my Dad just 4 months ago came flooding back.
So as the tears came, my driving slowed, and I got passed by several cars.
Now, I'm not saying those people judged or were frustrated with me for suddenly driving slow,
but it wouldn't surprise me...
because I have been that driver that's been frustrated.

no more y'all.
It doesnt take a lot to CONSIDER someone else's situation.

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some great lines from this:

"the most obvious important realities are often the ones
that are hardest to see and talk about".

"it is my natural default setting...when I'm operating on the automatic, unconscious belief that I am the center of the world and that MY immediate needs are what should determine the world's priorities..."

"the thing is, there are totally different ways to think about these kinds of situations."

"it's hard. It takes will and effort"

"If you really learn how to think, how to pay attention, then you will know you have other options..."

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Did this move you at all?
I'd love to hear how!

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