a reintroduction of sorts.

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hey y'all.
So happy to welcome some new readers lately...and it's been on my heart to do kind of a
"reintroduction" of myself anyways, just for those who haven't been around as long.
And if you've known me forever, just bear with me!
so here ya go. :)

I'm Sarah, (in case you didn't know that already),
Parker is the hubbs...we celebrate 10 years of marriage this August!
Abigail is almost 3 1/2, and our sweet Bethany is 16 months.

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I stay at home with my girls,
but am always working on ideas and concepts for businesses
with my very entrepreneurial-minded husband. we have fun. :)
(and we love watching Sharktank bc of that! haha)

Before I was a mama, I worked as a Child Life Specialist, helping kids cope with illnesses,
mostly serious, life-changing and life-threatening illnesses and injuries.
I would love to be back in the hospital setting someday -
I feel like I thrive there and love the atmosphere.

But right now, I try to soak up every chance I get with my little ones, while they are still so little.
They keep me on my toes, but they also keep my heart FULL.

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so, why the name of this blog?
I named this blog Racing Towards Joy, because at the time I started it, I was training for a triathlon
(I am about to do my third Tri, in 3 weeks!),
and had planned to do many more races in the years to come.
thus, the "racing" part.

I have stuck to that, maneuvering around pregnancies and newborn stages,
trying to do several races a year
(I know it's not much, but just doing little 5k's get me so excited)
I actually just set a PR for myself in a 5k last weekend! :)
And the weekend before that, my hubbs ran a long leg of the relay in the OKC Memorial Marathon!
(We are in a new commitment with each other and with the Lord to gain good health and wellness,
and will both be training for some pretty major races in the near future! stay tuned!)

the other part of the name:
it comes from the scripture Hebrews12:1.
(its over there on my sidebar),
which encourages us to run with endurance the RACE set before us:
"...we do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.
because of the JOY awaiting him, he endured the cross..."

So in this race of life, I want to always keep my eyes on the champion who has gone before me, knowing that the cloud of witnesses is cheering me on.
and that there is JOY at the end of the race.
(ok I think I need to do a whole blog post about this...i'm all fired up now, haha!)

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My goal here is to be real.
To be honest and open and share as the Lord leads. 
about anything He leads.
To create community and encouragement in this little space.
I don't have a niche. My "niche" is just life.
so thankful for blogging...
It has added to my own life so much that I hardly have words to explain it.
Such a blessing.

I'd love for you to follow me here,
through Bloglovin ( Follow on Bloglovin ),
through email subscription,
through social media...whatever you wish.
(there are links over there! --->)

Let's do life together.

There are also tabs over there of the things i write about, which is a good way to get to know me.
Especially in the "Popular Posts" section.
That's a good place to start if you are new or just want to catch up!

SO thankful for yall who read,
whether I know you in "real life" or just through blog land.

God has blessed me in this race towards joy.
(i know i know, that was a little cheesy.)
but really.

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blessings today, friends!

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