taking a little break.

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Lots on my heart to write about. 
coming up:
-more details about my miscarriage, and how I am doing now.
-breaking the paci habit with my oldest daughter
(including a big thank you to the Paci Fairy) :)
-3 months out of the loss of my Dad, and what it feels like now.
-things I am learning from mothering a three year old. (yikes)
-getting back into eating healthier and taking care of myself after this season of grief 
kindof wiped me out.
-some race training I am doing now, as well as the serious race training 
my husband has been up to.
-some favs from Pinterest as we are close to moving to a new house.
-and just whatever the Lord leads me to write.

But for now,
I am taking a little break.
it may be for a few days or a few weeks...i dunno. 
(if youve read my blog for a while, you know I do this every few months)
I find it really helps me to revamp, refocus, recharge...
and reconnect with what He wants from me in this season!

I won't be gone long, but I'll miss ya!
See y'all soon...

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