my man.

this man.
today is HIS day...


I've written lots about him before, 
about all the ways he loves me, serves me, loves my children well, 
leads me, and guides us all towards the Lord.
I could say it again day after day...

but today I just want to say,

I am so thankful for you.
You are an amazing man.
You are an incredible Daddy and Husband.
I look up to you and to how you obey the Lord.
I feel privileged to watch you becoming all that He has made you.
You love people so well.
Your counsel to others is valued and trusted, and I admire that.
I love watching you love on our girls.
(they ADORE you)
You will always lead us wherever the Lord leads you,
and I will always follow.
I trust you completely.
I am honored God picked me to do life with you.

Happy Birthday, Baby.