a huge bloggy dream come true...

Dreaming with some blog friends over Twitter one day, 
we chatted about how fun it would be if we could all hang out and have a slumber party. 
Well, guess what? 
We are making it happen.
(thanks to Danielle's planning)

Two weeks from today, I will be getting on a plane to spend 5 days with some AMAZING women who have become dear friends!!!!!
(pinch me please)
And no, I have never met any of them in "real life".
You may think it's crazy, but if you do...then you don't understand the bond that this blogging community can provide. 
It's real, y'all.

Over the last several months, these girls have become a huge encouragement in my life,
 as we started planning this trip and getting to know each other even better.
We have become prayer warriors for each other, and I think we all also get our daily fill of 
sass and humor through our crazy group texts.
These ladies are amazing.


Do you know them?
PLEASE go know them. :)

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Stephanie blogs at The Honey Pot.
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We will be spending 5 glorious days together in Lake Placid, NY.
We have rented a cabin tucked away in the mountains, in the desire that this be a trip where we can all just "get away", relax, laugh, cry, not change any diapers, not hear any tantrums, watch a girly movie in the middle of the day, ACTUALLY share coffee together, (and not just have a virtual coffee date), not be on any schedule. and sleep, Of course, sleep.
(if you are a Mommy of littles you can understand why we are all jumping up and down about 4 nights of uninterrupted sleep.)

again, pinch me.

Oklahoma, California, New York, Washington, South Carolina, North Dakota, Mississippi, 
& New Jersey will all be represented in this cozy mountain house.
I am already laughing inside about the dynamic of accents we will have! haha!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

amazing women.
a house in the mountains.
with a wrap-around porch.
and a hot tub that looks into the mountains.
no little ones.
(though we will miss them, don't get me wrong)
sleep. lots of sleep.
Pinterest recipes galore.
cool weather.
New York Fall foliage.
no schedules.
no time-outs.
girly movies.
lots of eating. lots.
more laughing.
more sleep.
amazing bonds being built.
lifetime memories.

I'm sure you will be seeing lots of pics from all of us...
because don't worry, one of our requirements for the place we rented was that it must have WiFi.
Duh.  We ARE bloggers. :)

I am FILLED with joy and excitement, and am amazed at the blessing of friendship 
God has given me through this group of women. 
I cannot believe it.
I love you ladies and cannot wait to hug your necks!!!!
so thankful.