The Girl Behind The Blog VLOG: "How has blogging changed you?"

Super excited to be co-hosting this month's
"The Girl Behind The Blog" VLOG link up with Ashley at 5ohwifey!
This link up she started has been such a fun way to get to know bloggy friends...on a whole new face-to-face level.


but the topic this month was "How has blogging changed you"?
There were a few short questions to answer, and I tried to keep it to a decent time limit!
It is hard to talk only for a few minutes about something that has impacted and blessed your life so much!! :)

Anywho, here goes!

After I made this, I of course kept thinking about things I should have said. :)

One more thing I would add, about how blogging has changed me, is this:
It has changed the way I view community and fellowship.
I think especially as Believers, we think there is ONE way to have fellowship with others.
And if you are reading/watching this and are not a blogger, then it may be a little difficult to understand. But if you know what Im talking about, then you know how deeply the Lord can connect women through blogging and through social media.
There are girls that I text with almost daily.
I'm even going on a girls trip with some of them in a few months! Can you believe that?
Yes, a trip with people Ive never met "in real life".
But that's how amazing it is.

so I guess all that to say is this:
Blogging has also changed how I view the ways God wants to bring me friendships.
He is creative, no?
And I so so thankful.

ok I'm done now I promise. :)
Yay for watching yall's Vlogs today!!
And if you haven't done one before, but want to...this is a fun opportunity, so come join in!
Blessings today friends!!

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