"let's go to the corner"

Those words rang so sweetly when I heard them last night...
because it's been years since I have.
If you are dancer, you know those words.

Last night, I took (survived) my first dance class in years!
I was so so excited and had nervous butterflies in my tummy too.
But it was amazing.
It was so so good for me. Not just for my body, but for my soul.

(on my way...)

Everything possible tried to prevent me from going last night, which I know was just the enemy trying to get in the way
of what the Lord wanted for me.
Both girls weren't feeling well, I started not feeling great,
Bethany would not take a bottle like she normally does if I'm not there, so I had to nurse her extra and thought I was going to be super late.
Then I got lost on my way there.
I seriously almost turned around and just called it off.
I was already nervous anyways...

BUT. I made it. And it was SO so worth it.
(remember this post about God using my sweet friend to tell me to dance again?
so thankful for that.)

I took an adult modern class and it was ah.ma.zing.
The teacher rocked, and I didn't feel out of place at all.
It is amazing what your muscles and mind remember after just a bit of practice.
Once i heard some dance terms and saw the teacher do them, it all came just flooding back.
I even had a "moment" where I just stood there and just smiled.
I think it surprised me at how second nature dancing still is for me.
And that brought me so much joy in my soul.

(after class)

I can't wait for class each week! And get this...I even have a recital at the end of the year!!
That makes me happy too, because Parker has never seen me dance.
It will be the best feeling in the world to have the person I love watch me do what I am passionate about.
Oh, and it gets better...
My recital will be the night before Abigail's very first dance recital!!!
a weekend filled with dance!

I am so stinking sore today.
But my heart is really full.

So I want to say this.
If there is something in your heart that you are wanting to pursue, create, learn about,
or do again that you used to do...Do it.
It will be so good for you, trust me. :)

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