The day my life changed forever.

They day we committed to health and sickness.
The day we devoted our faithfulness to each other.
The day we said we'd be rich or poor together.
The day we worshipped together as husband and wife for the first time.
The day that God had ordained for US to start OUR life with Him as one.


Y'all have no idea. NO idea, what kind of man I married.
(well, if you know him well, you have an idea.)

I had no idea what kind of man I married that day.
I was 20, blinded by love, just wanting a life of our own.
I knew I loved him deeply,
but I had no idea the amazing journey God was about to take me on with this man.

We've been through a lot.
a. lot.

Lots of sickness, lots of financial struggles, several devastating losses, lots of uncertainty.
But also lots of healing, lots of deliverance from strongholds, lots of miracles, and just a journey of faith that has tested us, but also held us together.

I can honestly say that I am broken, just broken, sometimes with feeling like I do not deserve this man as my husband.
He loves well. SO well.
He is the most amazing Dada.
He is the most grace-filled person I know, and forgives me well when I act in my flesh.
He leads me well, ALWAYS pointing me to truth and to Jesus.
He dreams with me...big dreams and little dreams.
He encourages my passions and desires.
He works incredibly hard for our family, and allows me the blessing to stay home with our girls.
He isn't afraid to speak truth when it is needed.
He defends his family against attacks of the Enemy and isn't ever afraid to rebuke evil.
He teaches me well, about life and about the Lord.
He is by far the most obedient person to the Lord's voice I have ever known.
He is so incredibly smart.
And so incredibly humble.
(I could go on and on...)

He has no idea the impact he makes on people around him, and on me as his wife.

I am thankful that we are not just married, but that we DO LIFE together.
That's one thing we do get right in our constantly growing marriage...
we do life and share life together really well.

Thank you Parker, for loving me so well.
I am honored to be your wife and am so happy to celebrate 9 years with you today.
I love you baby.