i wanna blog, but...

... but I don't want to.

I don't want to ever feel pressure to blog.
to post. to comment. to read.
And the thing is, there's been so much talk I've seen going around lately about what a blog should be, what it should have been,
how it should be different, yadda yadda.

And honestly, while there are some very good and true points I agree with,
I also believe that each person's blog is just that:
it is THEIR blog.

So while I don't have much to actually say about this right now, I will say this:
I love this blog.
I love the opportunity it has opened for me to be a part of something huge that God is doing in His church and in His people,
particularly in women.
I am honored to be a part of the community it has given to me,
the women who I walk daily with and have never even met.

I love that my blog is a place for ME. My outlet, my space to process in.
My way to document life.
My way to meet new friends.
My "written legacy" that I can give to my children someday.

I love that my blog is a place where I can share as the Lord leads.
And that I can NOT share when He doesn't lead me to.

And while there is freedom in blogging,

So if I don't blog for a while, or if I don't have a "deep" post for a while,
it. is. okay.
because it is my space here and it is something that I am responsible for.
But days or seasons of life may lead me elsewhere.
And since I feel like the Lord led me to it...
I am responsible to Him and His Voice in leading me in this blogging adventure.
does that make any sense?

I just feel like I want to say this:

Free to do with your blog what you want to do.
charge money. dont charge money. host giveaways. dont host giveaways. have a business.
post about the Lord in every post. Post random pics from your iphone in every post.
Dont use pictures at all, or have posts of nothing but pics.
or do all of the above.

Just do it for YOU.
and if HE is the one who led you to this, and you believe that He is asking you to use it for His glory...
then do that too.

And in my heart and mind, being free to experience a blessing God has given me, like this blog,
is something that I don't ever want to feel pressure about.
From myself or others.

Just be free, okay?

{thats all. love yall!}