God speaks through Happy Mail...

He does. and He did to me this week.
In the form of some surprise "happy mail" from a sweet bloggy friend, Aly.
I am still just blown away and humbled.
Read my email below that I sent to Aly yesterday, explaining how the Lord used her sweet package to speak to me.


{my email to Aly:}

girl. I am blown away by your generosity and sweetness to me! I LOVE love love the prints, and I am currently hunting for the perfect place for it. :)
I love the design and colors and everything! it was SO much fun to receive some surprise "happy mail" :)
I know it was the Lord who had you send it to, and my husband agreed, when I showed the prints to him last night. we were both blown away at God's goodness.

attempting to make a long story short: :) ha....

as you know, I was a dancer my whole life, it was pretty much what I breathed growing up. But I obviously havent danced in years, and have been missing it, especially lately since Abigail started ballet. :)

A few years ago I got into cycling and did my first triathlon, etc, and loved it. I am trying to get back into it to do another one this Fall. And as much I love doing that, I keep feeling this pull to get back into dance. But I have been torn because of just trying to make the time and effort to do a dance class seems too much as a mommy. (whereas with tri training, I can take them with me to run, etc). And honestly I have been really under-confident to get back into dance since it has been so long.

ANYwho, we watched the So You Think You Can Dance auditions, and there was a 29 year old Mommy of 2 little ones who tried out and was amazing. (oh and she was even from Dallas like me), and that was the first thing that gave me hope that I could get back into it.
Then, we ran into a friend a few weeks ago, and his wife starts telling me about the studio where she dances here, etc. I looked up the classes and the times are perfect, after the girls' bedtime, etc etc. So I've been getting excited thinking maybe I really can get back into it!

But then last week, I got discouraged that maybe it is just a pipe dream that I can actually dance again and that I wont be good, etc etc. So I resorted to just focusing on tri stuff. Parker has been encouraging me that I can do both, but I have just brushed it off thinking there's no way. As silly as it sounds about this small thing, its been like a roller coaster to me. :)

and then.

I got your happy mail yesterday, and it was like the Lord's voice to me when I opened it.

ahh! I know they are the lyrics to a song everyone knows, but to me...when I opened it...it was God speaking to me about HIS heart for MY heart.
ok crying now. :)

anyways. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you sending me these and that it really was the Lord's timing and prompting. He used you to speak to me, and I am so thankful. Now I'm gonna go sign up for those dance classes!! :)

Love you girl!!!!!


and then I received a precious precious email back from her,
encouraging me to dance.
to embrace my gift as a form of worship, and to do it for my soul and for Him.


I was not only blessed immensely by the gesture of her gift to me, and her sweet note and beautiful prints...
I was blessed that she listened to a simple prompting from the Lord to send me what she thought would just be a cute happy to hang on my wall.

She had no idea that it was the LORD having her do that, and that He would be using her,
and in perfect timing, to speak to my heart.

It makes me want to really listen and follow through when I feel even the smallest prompting from Him.
It may just be that He wants to use me.


Thanks again, Aly. I am so thankful for your friendship!!
Oh, and I signed up for dance classes yesterday. :)

PS yall need to go order some of her awesome stuff from her shop, Blossom & Vine.
I have her stuff all around my house!