sister room sharing

The latest big joy in my life as a mom:
witnessing these two little ladies share a room!


Even though it has definitely caused a few frustrations from mama when I am needing them to sleep and they are just "talking" to each other...
it has been mostly just fun to see them spend even more time loving on each other.

Some people might think we are crazy for having them share rooms so young
(B is still just 6 months), or having them share at all,
but it has just always been something we've wanted to do with our kids,
and I just felt in my heart it was time!

Even though I still get up with B once or twice to nurse, I just rock her in the chair and Abigail usually doesnt even know I am there.
This has actually become one of my favorite times.

It doesn't matter how tired I am, there is just nothing that compares to being in a totally quiet and peaceful room where my daughters are dreaming together.
It has given me a chance to pray over them as they sleep, and to just sit in the rocker and take in their tiny breathing sounds.

I believe this is just the beginning of many late night giggles, secrets shared between sisters,
slumber parties in each other's beds, and more.
And we believe it will foster a way to teach them the imprtance of sharing and valuing each other's space and possessions.
And teaching them the amazing gift of spending time together as family.

They are enjoying it just as much as we are.
It is the CUTEST thing to see Bethany's tiny head pop up and peer through her crib to see Abigail...everyone is loving this new adventure!


They have both adapted really well and we look forward to years to come of them becoming the best of friends. I have to say I am a little jealous I can't share a room with these two myself. :)
(we will just have to have family slumber parties!)

When Bethany is crying, I have heard Abigail "shh'ing" her.
And most mornings, they wake up around the same time and Abigail goes straight to baby's crib and whispers good morning. SO so sweet.
And though someday I may have to get good at saying "be quiet or I am going to separate you two!", I really think this is going to be an awesome thing and something they will hopefully appreciate one day!

Anyways, that's my latest joy. I can't get enough. :)
Y'all have a good Monday!

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