a few things you may not know about me

I thought it'd be kinda fun to share some random things you may not know about me.
I always love reading "get to know you" posts, so here goes!


Before I was a mommy, I worked as a Child Life Specialist.
Most people have never heard of that...but basically my job was to help children cope with hospitalization. I worked mainly with kiddos with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and long term illnesses. It was very difficult, but very rewarding. I met some amazing, perspective-changing kids.
I'd love to go back to it someday.

I am adopted.
I was adopted at 6 weeks old to the best parents in the world, and I've always considered it such an amazing blessing, and have the utmost respect for those who adopt, as well as for those who give babies for adoption.
I remember learning as a little girl that "I came from my mommy's heart instead of her tummy". I am forever thankful for my parents.

(and on that note) I met my birth mother and her family 3 years ago.
It has been an amazing blessing to add family into my life...I even gained 2 younger sisters, and was in one of their weddings last summer! God orchestrated it all so amazingly and I am so thankful for the gift she gave to me and to my parents, and am now thankful to have them all in my life as well.

(my two sisters meeting Bethany!)

I danced competitively my whole life.
every kind: ballet, jazz, hip hop, pointe, tap, modern.
It was my LIFE...day in and day out, dancing is what I did.
I have taken a few adult classes and plan to start classes again this fall.
{and i just registered Abigail for her first dance classes...a DREAM come true!!!}

I LOVE being preggo.
Dont get me wrong, there are hard days, and especially #2 was more difficult bc I could not rest much with a toddler already. But I love it. I love how it feels, I love the weekly milestones,
I love my belly. And I love the amazing creativity of the Lord in it all.

I am a die hard Texas Aggie.
I have been going to games since I was born, and have sat in the same seats my whole life.
Funny thing is, I did not go to college at A&M, but I rooted for them against my own school!
My Dad had a very valuable role in the university a long time ago...so it is just how I was raised.
I have lots of maroon t-shirts. :)

(Abigail's first game, Whoop!)

I have a tattoo.
Some people would never guess that about me, but its true!
It's of an Icthus (Christian fish) and it is on my foot, right below my ankle bone)
I had wanted one for a long time and about 5 years ago, decided it was time...
I've never regretted it and I secretly think about getting another one someday.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 4 years ago, BUT...
after many tests, lots of pain, several scary possibilities, I was "diagnosed". But in March of 2008, I was prayed for, and healed. yes, HEALED. immediately. Like I have never again dealt with the many terrible symptoms I once had. It was one of the most life changing events ever, and I definitely will post about it someday when the Lord leads me to.

I hate running, but I love to do races.
It's not like I've done a bunch, just a few here and there, my biggest accomplishment being a triathlon 3 years ago...but there is just something about the atmosphere that is moving to my soul. I have actually written about this before, about how I love to go cheer people on at races, and what an amazing picture that is to my heart.

(the 5k I did last weekend)

Well, thats all I can think of for now. I'm sure there are more randoms to be shared someday...and hopefully you feel like you know me a little better now!!!


Yall have a great day!