{Letters to Littles}

Letters to Littles link up today!
Lots on my heart to share with my sweet toddler today...how bout you?

Share your sweet letters below, and believe me when I say this will be a HUGE blessing to your little one's hearts someday.

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Abigail, Oh, Abigail...

my girl. you are so precious and so sweet and so adorable.
but these days...these days, you are also so testy, so independent, so opinionated.
One minute we are hugging and the next we are "arguing".
You are very VERY strong willed.
I have to remember that this is an amazing God-given quality that serves you well in your life..it already has, and definitely will in the future.
I pray that the Lord teaches ME how to teach you to steward that quality well.

You are in the toddler stage right now where independence is so very important to you.
I can't tell you how many times a day I hear "I do it MYSELF!".
I LOVE that you are getting so big that you can do more things yourself,
even though it makes my heart hurt that you really are a little girl now, and not just a baby.
It's fun to watch you help with so much...the cooking, the laundry, even taking diapers to the trash for me when I change "Baby Bethy". You are SUCH a big help darlin.

One thing this independent strong willed spirit you've got has been teaching me,
is that I need the LORD's strong Spirit to help me deal with yours. :)
I really do. It is no easy task to go up against the ambitious, hard-headed, strong will of a beautiful, puppy-eyed 2 year old little girl.
It can be (and sometimes is) disastrous.
But we are working through it sweet girl.

Sometimes, no, a LOT of times, I feel like I have no clue what I am doing in parenting a toddler,
but I know there is grace for that. At least I'm attempting to believe that for myself.
I realize you are becoming the age where memories are gonna start sticking, and I want to be aware of that even more so now....
be aware of what i am teaching you, how I am handling things, how I am discipling you,
and how I am loving you.

I want to create this loving bubble around you...not to shield you out of fear,
but to protect you from the lies and schemes of Satan. I don't doubt for one second that he is above attacking a little one.
He is that conniving and deceitful.
I want to teach you how to operate out of love, out of peace, instead of fear or entitlement.

I'm not naive, i know that this is all just part of your development and it is just a stage.
But I also know that God's grace can go above and beyond to teach BOTH of us how to act and react as we journey through toddlerhood together.
We will make it sweet girl.

To be honest...though it drives me bonkers some (most) days, your strong will is something I admire.
It is amazing to see the confidence the Lord has put in your tiny spirit already.
It's been there from the very beginning, even inside my belly you were strong willed. :)
I cannot WAIT to see where this confidence takes you.
Even though we have our moments, I am your biggest fan Abigail.


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