lets meet for coffee...

Mornin Ya'll! (yes, Im from Texas!)
This morning I am sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee with you!
(well really a small soy chi tea latte... i don't drink coffee)
What are you having? do you drink coffee?
Dont know why I dont like coffee, I just dont,
but I am always up for a sweet something like chi tea or a delish white chocolate drink!

If we were meeting for coffee, or tea, today, I'd tell you that the weather is kindof weird this morning, nice and cool, but Im wanting it to be a little warmer.
its kindof cloudy, but don't see any rain yet!

Id tell you that this morning I've been listening to a new playlist I just made called "rest and worship". It has been really good for me as it really settles me and allows me to rest in Him, at least for that moment. How I long to allow more rest in my life. Real rest.
Believing God kind of rest. Knowing HE is in control kind of rest.
I know its there for me, I just tend to take the reigns and exhaust myself instead of just trusting Him. Hoping to have a little rest time today.

Id also tell you that I dropped Abigail off at MDO this morning. Im glad for the 5 hour break, but I also miss it when I don't have my usual sidekick around all day long.
She was so excited to go...she missed 2 weeks because of a cold, and then last week was spring break, so I know it'll be good for her today! She started walking since she's been to school, so I think today will be extra fun as she's able to explore and play on a whole new level...So happy for her!

On that note, I LOVE having a little walker around! My favorite part of her being a wobbly walker is the arms. They just seem to kindof flail and move as she learns to balance herself.
SO stinking cute.

Speaking of my little bug, she will be 15 months on Thursday! I know, I cant believe it either!
Seems like just yesterday that she was born on that snowy Christmas Eve.
Its been by far the best 15 months of my life, and I will blog about that on Thursday!
I love looking at old pics of how little she was. So sweet.

If we were meeting for a cup, I would tell you that I really should be going for a run or cleaning out closets today while Abigail is gone, but Im still working on the motivation for both of those things. Just feeling kindof tired today.
But maybe this tea will help!

I would also ask you to pray for our little family as God seems to be guiding us into a new season. Ill save details for the next time we meet, as it would be a whole other convo (or post). :)
Just pray for peace and guidance as we trust His plan and His leading.

Thanks for listening to me talk! Whats going on with you today? How can I lift you up in prayer right now? Just want to tell you that God's in control. He really is. Lets encourage each other with that, and help each other remember that He carries us and our burdens.
He makes our load light.

I've so enjoyed this time with you! Hope we can do it again soon...maybe next week?
OK, Have a blessed day!

If you need another cup of coffee today (it might be one of those days, right?), head over here...