Y'all need em.

It's no secret that we love our essential oils.

They have benefited us in so many ways...from sleep to immune support to keeping sickies away to major emotional and mood support for this mama!! I literally can't imagine life without them now!

I was a major skeptic. I used oils from the grocery store before, just to see what the fuss was all about. And I didn't like them at all!! They actually gave me headaches, doing the opposite of what they were supposed to do! Little did I know then, that that was because not all oils are created equal!! (lots of store brands have synthetic fillers in them, they are not pure).

But then a friend brought me over a bag of YL oils one time when my son was really sick. I was skeptical but did what she said...and we were SHOCKED at the quick turnaround of his health from what couldve been another run to the ER for respiratory sickness.

So...I was sold. And my love just grew the more and more I found out what we could use them for. #gimmealltheoils

I am literally amazed every day that what I have at my fingertips, to use for the health and wellness of myself and my family...is a God-created, God-given GIFT!!

If you know me you know what I'm bout to say: Y'ALL NEED OILS. (I wont ever stop saying it, lol)

No but really...if you want to know more, don't ever hesitate to ask. Even if you just want to try some samples...I will hook you up friend!

email me: restorationessentials@gmail.com.

You can also go to my website to learn a little but more there too!