It's gonna all be new, and all be good.

That doesn't mean it'll all be easy or comfortable or won't involve emotions. It doesnt mean it'll look exactly how I think it will or how I want it to.

But what I do know is that it will be good...because HE is good.

It's the nature of who God is, and He doesnt change.

So I can know then when things start to shift - physically, emotionally, circumstantially - I can know that He is never-changing.

I like to think of God as just "steady". When things feel shaky or shifty...He is steady.

So in a few days...when my kiddos start full time school for the first time (a big change from homeschooling). When Mama starts working her business more full-time. When my husband starts to see the fruit of some dreams and prayers come to life and pour more time into those things. When my last baby starts to crawl (thats a whole other changing of emotions, y'all)...when all the changes around me seem to come flying by...I have a STEADY in my life.

Don't forget - especially you mamas who are sending your babies off to school - that He is their steady too. :) So send them off with the confidence of who He is and how secure you can be in His goodness.