Cotton Fields and God's Faithfulness

We came across some cotton fields just a few miles from our house...and could not resist taking some pictures!

I shared this a few weeks ago on social media, about why finding these cotton fields was so special to me.

"Parker and I own a small piece of a cotton farm in West Texas, a little inheritance from when his dad passed away a few years ago. I’ve never seen it, but often wondered what it looks like.

Not too long ago I happened to be driving and came upon this cotton field, literally just a few miles from our house.

May sound funny, but it was a striking moment in my heart, where I felt the Lord giving me a sweet little gift...a reminder that when our hearts miss people we’ve lost even more during this holiday season...He is with us. And those loved ones are with us in spirit too.

I can’t describe it like I want to, but I just know it was a sweet gift for my heart.

If you are in the middle of missing someone or grieving during this Christmas time...don’t forget to ask God for little signs that you are not alone and that He loves you. He will show you, I promise."