if you are new around here...

I started my blog about 7 years ago, after I went through our very first miscarriage (the first of three). I needed a space to process and write and just "get it out". I never knew it would turn into such a beautiful place of connection for me. Literally some of my closest friends are ones I met online through this blog.

I laid it down over and over through the last few years...but as the Lord has been doing a HUGE work in me over the last year or so...I was encouraged to pick it back up and it get it all back down "on paper" again...to reignite my love of blogging and sharing life vulnerably in my little corner of the internet.


Some things I will be sharing as we connect here:

Daily life as a mom of 4 little people.
Glimpses of our home as we make it more our own.
Thoughts on mothering and thriving where we are.
My journey over the years through loss, grief, sickness, and healing.
Heart stuff...things the Lord is having me work through in the deep places.
Our oily life, because it is not just something I sell.
My mindset shift of becoming a work-from-home-mama and how to balance it all.
And anything else random!

If you are new here, you can read more about our family and our journey with some old posts. Just search through the navigation menu above. :) Some great places to start reading are here where I share about my freedom from fear and my healing from Fibromyalgia...or here where I share about my journey of grief, or here where I introduce myself!

Look forward to connecting with y'all more!!!