yes to muddy puddles

Rain. It has. not. stopped. here in Oklahoma!

I know it's a good thing. God knows just how much we need. And while it's been a little tiring (especially because this time of year in our state, rain is often accompanied by severe weather and tornados), I have let go of some keep-my-kids-clean control, and said yes to the muddy puddles. Yes to splashing and kicking up gross water, yes to tank tops ruined by mud fights, yes to staying up late to wear rain boots after the strom stopped.

Yes to making memories...beautiful, muddy, wet, lovely memories...and it's so worth it.

It's good to challenge ourselves as mothers to say yes to things that seem out of control or messy to us, but may totally bless our children. What is that thing for you today? Let's encourage each other to bless them more!