hey hey

hey friends, hey blogland, just hey.
I've missed you.
I've been doing lots of this lately....
(this sweet shot was captured by Abigail!)

So here is my brain and my heart today...here on this page.
Excuse the jumble, just felt like bloggin!

- - - - - - - - - -

Some days lately are filled with complete amazement at how full my life feels,
and other days i feel like I'm trying to just catch my breath.
Sleep is here and there and so the coffee pot stays running all day long.
The newborn phase is unbelievably sweet, I love every second and want to do it forever and ever...
and God gave me an easy easy little man this time around, for which I am so thankful!
The three and five year olds are the ones that exhaust me, let's be real.
They run circles around me, literally, while I sit and nurse my sweet boy.
They love their little brother so so so much!
My girls both love with an intense love, from deep down, even physically.
I literally have to make sure they don't squeeze him too tight!
It's such a treasure to see.
Especially because the last time I saw Abigail with a newborn sibling, she was only 2.
Tooootally different to see her interact as a 5-year-old.
I love it.

Sweet precious Isaac Jonathan.
He is 6 1/2 weeks now. CRAAAAZY, right? Time has flown.
I fall in love more every day.
And to be honest, I was worried about how it might feel different to love a little boy versus my two girls.
And I'll say this, it IS different, in the BEST way possible.
He is breaking my heart already! He is so handsome, so sweet, so snuggly.
His smiles melt me. I tell him this all the time, but he is just such a peaceful little guy.
God knew I needed that in #3 I think.
He has avoided the colic that plagued my girls so badly the first several months of life (praise God!).
He is a great sleeper so far and only cried when he's hungry or passes gas!
Just a miracle, this little dude. In every way.

I have yet to share his birth story, but plan to really soon.
I havent yet, partly because I am trying my best to prioritize life right now as I adjust to another child, and for me, blogging has obviously not been at the top of the list.
But I also havent shared it because it honestly is really hard to think about still.
I know that sounds terrible, yall.
Because the end of the story is the BEST gift possible, our son.
But the journey of labor and delivery was far from a happy thing for us this time around.
But I want to write it out, and I know it needs to be shared.
Look for that coming soon.

And this picture below is Abigail talking to her Daddy on a pretty significant night
we had with her recently.

That night, Daddy led us all into our little prayer closet before bedtime, where we spent some of the sweetest time as a family we've ever had.
One of those moments looking back, that I'm glad I didn't discourage staying up late even though I was totally spent after a long day.
Anyways, Parker led us in learning a scripture (we are going to start doing that every month), and also in playing some worship songs. 
Isaac slept peacefully, and the girls danced around and soaked up the Lord's presence in their own little ways.
Abigail became super inquisitive and discerning all at once...more than she usually is.
She always has been spiritually mature for her age, even prophetic at times.
But it's like something shifted in her little soul that night.
It will be one we will always remember.
I can't wait to watch the Holy Spirit blossom in her!

and speaking of the girls...
yes, they remain the divas of the house. :)
I have loved watching their little mama spirits come out as they love on their baby brother.
And while far from easy ages...I also love this stage right now.
SO much happening in their little brains and hearts.
Figuring out life around them, become closer to each other as sisters, loving on a newborn, discovering reading (Abigail), nurturing their desires to be creative..
While the tantrums and whining episodes are many...the fun is increasing too.

They challenge me daily in ways I am still figuring out...
I dont think I ever knew what a soul-refining job motherhood would be!
It truly might be one of the most.

I feel like I have adjusted well to adding a third, 
(him being an easy baby has certainly helped that!)...
but my patience is still tested by the older two having constant desire for independence, 
yet still mainly dependant on me.
Some days are rough, but we are ALL learning how to deal!
Loving the little years. Mess and all.
Letting go and letting them find themselves and learn who God created them to be.
Some days it comes easy, but I'm trying to learn how how to best embrace it ALL!

hmm, what else is on the brain?

oh yeah, eating.
well I gave myself about 6 weeks to eat whatever I wanted bc I've still been in new-baby-contstantly-hungry-from-breastfeeding-land.
BUT the last few days, Parker and I have been instituting some big changes around here.
Eating whole foods, lots of grains, fruits and veggies. No meat or dairy.
And yes, you heard that right from this Texas girl...no meat or milk. WHAA?
all I gotta say is...you need to watch Forks Over Knives if you haven't seen it yet.
(you can find it on netflix or amazon)

SO...here's to health...and lots of yummy fruit. :)

AND on the health note...
Today I start back to running.
Parker and I are registered to the the OKC Memorial Marathon Half, in 8 weeks.
But I think I can do it.
My post-partum stiff body is SO ready to get back to moving!

In the current issue of Oklahoma Sports and Fitness Magazine, 
there is a write up about this year's race.
And guess what? In the article, there is a pic from my friend and I finishing last year!
so cool.
aaaaand definately motivating for this year's training!
Treadmill today, yall!
(it's snowy and freezing outside)

Well, I guess that's all for now.
Just catchin up a little with you. :)

The Lord has spoken pretty clearly about this month being the start to some new things for me, for us...look forward to sharing that as it unfolds!
So cheers to March 1st today!

Blessings, friends.