Cheers to 2014, Blessings for 2015!

Another year gone by, another year starting today.
Ready to see His hand and His work for us in this coming new year.

I am thankful we got to see the words He gave us at the beginning of 2014 all come to pass.
We waited on Him for those words, heard them clearly, surrounded by peace in our hearts...
and then held tightly to them throughout the year.
That's the power of a "word" for the year.
It's not just about a goal or a good thing to work towards...
when it comes from God, and it resonates deep within your spirit,
it becomes more than just that word.
It becomes something you can cling to, hope from, and rest in.
That's the goodness of a Father whose words to us do not return void.
And I'm thankful He showed us that again this past year.

The year before, 2013, was ridden with loss and heartache, and lots of grieving and questioning.
But when He spoke "Restoration" to us for 2014, I knew it was his heart for us.
I know He wanted to see so many things restored...brought back to life...revived.
And boy, did He!
( us a BOY!) :)

So, we are still waiting for our prophetic words from His heart for this new year, though He has already been stirring things in us about 2015...and I can't wait to hear what they are.
To know He is faithful to what He tells me is so comforting.

I pray you and yours can find peaceful places in your hearts to hear from Him regarding your new year! Let Him guide you to where you can hold to grace for the things He wants to do.
Blessings in 2015, y'all!

- - - - - - - - - -

Obviously, I had to include some "highlight" pics from 2014, so here goes... :)
(in no particular order, I just made a few collages to share!)

-announcing our baby #3
-finding out we were preggo was an amazing surprise!
-the girls ran in their first "race", so fun!
-Abigail started Pre-K!
-Abigail got stitches in her arm (after a giant splinter got her)...and we learned just how brave she is!
-Parker and I got to see George Straight for his final tour
-Hope Spoken conference with my soul sisters was incredible
-Learned a a lot about my Bethany, and how spirited she that girl!
-Abigail turned 5, and also discovered that she loves getting her nails done (she went for her bday with her bff)

-I ran and finished my first Half-Marathon with some great friends.
-Daddy took Abigail fishing for the first time on a camping weekend with friends
-I spent 5 glorious days with my besties in Seaside, Florida
-A did her first school project (and her sweet Daddy helped)
-being pregnant has been an emotional, beautiful, and tough thing all at once. But I'm so thankful for my belly-baby
-the girls really fell in love with (and conquered fears of) swimming this summer
-Bethany found her natural skill and passion - gymnastics
-my girls have grown up SO much, I guess I just need to get used to seeing them look older with every picture!
-We are (still, at this moment) anxiously awaiting our newest addition. So thankful for our boy!

- - - - - - - - - -

Cheers to 2014, Blessings in 2015, friends!!