a hard-working man and a little hiker

My husband, Parker, is one of the hardest working people I know.
(Bear with me while I brag a minute. I have no shame in bragging on my man!)
He throws himself into what's before him, even when it may not always be what his heart is wanting to be doing.
He is an incredible daddy and husband. he mentors other men and walks closely with several "brothers", he owns his law firm with a few other partners, where he does law, brings in new business, helps manage a growing practice, he always has his hands in entrepreneurial dreams and deals going on, he answers the phone to people needing counsel, even when he really doesn't have the time, and he is a dreamer.
He is obedient to what is before him and is a very organized and efficient person.
He speaks truth to me and to our children, and always points us to the root of things so that we can really work through our hearts with the Lord.
He hasn't given up on me all these years, though sometimes he probably should have.
He loves people well.
Especially his family.
And especially his girls...

and this one in particluar is quite the Daddy's girl.
His Abigail, his "bug".

Yesterday, in the midst of being super busy and trying to balance it all...
he took his girl "hiking".
Needless to say, she had the BEST time.
Quite an adventure, I heard.
She loves her Dada.
I imagine these won't be the last "hike' pictures I share of the two of them!!

(I love you Parker, you are an incredible man. Abigail is blessed you are her forever hiking buddy!)