8 by the GLORIOUS Sea

 It's one of the most amazing things in my life, really.
These girls, these friends God gave me.
We met in such a "crazy" way...proving God's value of friendship and authentic relationship, and that He will be as creative as He needs to be to bring us just that.
(if you don't know our "story", we all met through social media, became close friends, dreamt up a  trip together...and just went on our third trip. We live scattered across the country, but are as close as sisters.)

This year, we beached it.
We went to glorious Seaside, Florida and had a beautiful time.
The water, the sand, the salty air, the food, the gorgeous house, the incredible food (and cooking it together), the late night games of Mad Libs and Would You Rather, an awesome "get to know you better" game...it was ALL glorious.
Most of all that I was just WITH my people, my girls.
I love them with all my heart, they are an answer to many years of prayer.
God chose them for me.

I love you all...

// you can see all the beautiful pics from our trip on Instagram with the hashtag #8bythesea...
and follow all the beauties I call my best friends! //