supernatural healing can happen for you too

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, or know me at all,
then you know I am not shy to share some of the stories of how God has healed me.
Lately I am feeling pulled to share more, to be more bold in the telling of what He has truly done in my life.
I have shared some pretty big things, like my healing of Fibromyalgia and deliverance from fear...
but I haven't shared some other stories yet...

like how He healed me from Lactose Intolerance and IBS (a lifelong struggle, ask my mama),
and how He healed me from two different kidney stones (like, it was "magically" gone in my pre-surgery Xray after being prayed for the night before),
and a few other crazy-sounding things. :)

- - - - - - - - - -

I feel like I need to pause and say this real quick...
a lot of friends and people throughout the years have thought that because we talk about things like healing and deliverance and the Holy Spirit, that we must be "charismatic" or have grown up around all this "crazy stuff". 
Let me tell you this...I grew up in a Bible church that didn't really acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit, and so did Parker (after he spent his younger years in the Lutheran church).
It wasn't until we both (before we even knew each other) felt like there was just something MORE to God...and so we started seeking it out in different ways...
it wasn't until we started WITNESSING people get healed and changed and freed up in incredible ways, that we started believing this for ourselves.
I think a lot of times people don't believe this can happen for them (or happen at all, for that matter) simply because they haven't actually seen or witnessed it happen.
Or they have seen and tasted His power, but didn't go any further into it.
Anyway. Just felt like I needed to say that so you know where I am coming from a little better!
I feel like someone may need to just hear this:
That healing can happen for YOU no matter how you were raised or taught. 
Because it comes from your Creator, your Father, who loves you dearly.
Healing and Deliverance is simply about living the way you were created to live.

- - - - - - - - - -

I also will share more about the most recent freedom in my life:
a genuine deliverance from a spirit of Shame
(which I have also shared about here before).
It truly is changing my life in the day to day.
My hubby is even seeing a difference in me.

Oh, and speaking of my hubby?
He hasn't slept well (never a full night, never woke up rested) literally in the last 3 years.
It has been brutal, and has honestly taken a toll on him and on our marriage in every way.
But guess what??
As he is beginning to walk in a new level of freedom from fear the last few weeks...
he has slept through the night most nights and has woken up rested most days!!
Y'all, that is seriously a miracle and a testimony to God answering us.

So while I will start to share those stories...I guess my point in writing right now is to say this.
If you are struggling, if you are physically sick, or struggling emotionally or mentally...
there ARE answers for you and I truly believe the Lord desires freedom for us in our struggles.
He did not create us to be in bondage to lies or sickness!

There are SO many people out there who need it, who need healing and deliverance in a big way.
We have heard so many testimonies throughout the years...just by sharing our own story, and also being around others who have been through the same pursuit of freedom as us.

As you know, Parker and I just went to a week long conference called Be in Health,
at a little church out in the sticks of Georgia.
It was our second time there (the first time was 5 years ago, when I got healed from Fibromyalgia).
We just knew it was time to go back...
that we both had more things, strongholds or lies in our life that we needed freedom from.

I have said this before and will continue to...we will never say that a conference is the answer.
Because JESUS and His promises for you is THE answer.
But what we have been able to learn...and learn to apply in our life...
at Be in Health
is something I would recommend to ANY friend and ANY Believer to go to.
It is life-changing.
Completely based on scripture, nothing at all taken out of context, nothing "hokey" about it.
Just being drenched in the word of God about His desires for you, for 8 hours a day for 5 days straight.

So before I go diving in to my own testimonies over the next few weeks...
I want you to hear from other, random people just like you and me,
who have seen the power of God move in their life just by simply applying the principles He has laid out for us in the Bible...and by beleiving Him.

so, please watch these (very short) videos and be moved!
(and on some you may have to hear the little "invite" to the conference at the end of it...
while I do wish everyone I know would go to this, I promise I am not posting all this to promote it.)
I truly just want freedom for everyone I know.
Just watch, y'all! :)

(you can find more videos and stories and info HERE.

Please please email me or message me or whatever if you are wanting prayer or just to know more about all I am saying.
I know without a doubt I am called to share all these things here I am!
Thanks for listening. :)