may I end my days with THIS kind of faith...

Taking a break from my new Giving Honor series today, because this video needs to seen.
Just watch it, and maybe grab some kleenex.

Also...Prepare to be challenged and moved about how you would picture your last days and moments if this was you.

such GREAT faith here, y'all.

(if you don't want to watch it all, just make sure you stop it or fast forward it to about minute 7 and keep watching...)

The Lord totally used this video in our lives just a few nights ago, after Parker shared it with me.
We watched it together, and it was honestly very impactful to our lives, marriage, and faith.
It just dug in even deeper the things the Lord has already been saying and showing us...
about our priorities and our faith to believe Him through ALL things.

May I end my life in this way someday, knowing there is nothing else I needed because I had HIM...
and that to see His glory would always be my ultimate goal and praise!