Giving Honor: Stephanie Holden

So happy to start this little series here today that is dear to my heart!
(you can read more about it here)

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I can't think of a sweeter lady to kick off this series with...
Someone who deserves a lot of honor.

If you are part of the blogging/social media world, you may know her as "Honey".
Her name is Stephanie, wife, mom, grandmother, a good friend to me...
and she is one of my favorite people on the planet.
You may know her from social media, but if you don't...
you are missing out on a woman who is the real deal, y'all!

but first, I cant not stop and say something about that pic above ...isn't she gorgeous?!
(um, please let me look like that when I have three grandbabies, thanks. :) )
Also, she says "Y'all" like I do. I love that.

Above all, and there are lots of amazing things about this lady, she isn't shy at all to tell her story of redemption, transformation, and being loved on by Jesus.
She knows what the true wooing of the Lord is, and she follows close to it daily.

Have you ever met someone who inspires you to press on and be better?
That's what Steph is to me, and to so many.
I watch her not just as an amazing mother in her family, but as a spiritual mother to many.

I have had the privilege of spending some quality time with her over the last few years
(y'all remember those girls trips I go on with all my "blogger" friends? That's how Steph and I met in person!)
She is part of our constant, daily, texting craziness, even though sometimes we all know that she's probably standing on a chair somewhere trying to get signal to her phone so she can keep up! lol

How Stephanie has inspired me and why I know she can be a blessing to you if you don't already know her:

1. The love between her and her husband Nick, of 26 YEARS, is so inspiring. I love watching them and knowing their story. To see them walk into being "empty nesters" the last few years has been an honor as I have seen them do it with such grace. And even have some empty-nester fun! They truly are love-birds. And to know how they walk out their faith leading so many other to Christ through their own testimonies of redemption, is so awesome. I cant wait to meet Nick someday in person. (and I can't wait for him and Parker to meet too, I know they will be friends!)

(aren't they adorable?)

2. She follows her passion and goals. Some of you may have seen her in the running recently to go to Rwanda with Noonday Collection. She was racking up votes. She didnt end up getting chosen to go, but I think the display of love for her through the thousands of votes she got was a huge testimony to how loved and adored she is by so many. Even by people that don't totally "know" her, but just know her story or read her blog or instagram posts, and are blessed by her heart. I love that she felt God's call to try and go on that trip, and just went for itAnother goal she followed that I saw inspire so many people was her weight loss journey over the past year or so. She rocked it. She realized it was a needed goal, and she did something about it. Not many people do that. But she put in the effort, got her family involved, and met her goals. Pretty awesome...and she looks and feels great!3. She pours all she is into her family. She truly makes me want to be a good "Matriarch" of our family someday. She loves on her girls and her husband and her grandkids with so much joy. She gives much to them all with her time and talents (she did her daughter's wedding all handmade a few years ago...pretty amazing stuff!) I have already learned a lot from her wisdom and advice and know that in the years to come, I will have much more to glean from her own experience of raising girls who all love the Lord deeply.4. She and her family gather often. oh I dream of this yall. I dream of one day having all my kids and grandkids meet as often as possible to break bread and share life. Many of y'all have seen her pics of "Porterville Nights" where her whole fam gets together for a meal every Monday night. pretty amazing and encouraging to see a family, especially this day and age, that is so close. It's because they make the effort. And she makes the effort to orchestrate it as the Mother of the house. (you know Im coming to a Porterville Night someday Steph!)5. She is a good friend and a great encourager. She has loved me and all the girls in our little group of friends so well. She recently sent me a bracelet that meant a lot to me and I was so touched by the words in her note. She notices little things people love and are blessed by, and does them. I can't wait to hang out with her in about 3 months on our next girls trip! And I saw her being a good friend to so many, just a few months ago at Hope Spoken. People know how genuine she is, that's why they are so drawn to her.
(This was right after Hope Spoken, we all had a "family dinner". One of the best moments was when all these friends got to meet my husband and girls. Steph was sitting next to Parker the whole time. He told me later that He could tell she was such a sweet person just by being with her for a few minutes.)

It feels like there is so much more I could say about this precious lady, but that's where I want you to go get to know her now...

she blogs here.
she instagrams @honeyholden.
(and if you happen to be going to Hope Spoken next year, you get to hear her speak!)

Go find her y'all, and be blessed by her life.

Love you much Steph!!!!!  

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Come back every Wednesday to hear about another precious soul you will be touched by! 
My heart in this is that it will be a blessing to all!