garage sale and catch up...

wow. sooooo, not much blogging happened the last few weeks!
LIFE, y'all.

We put on a huge garage sale (that was really successful, Praise the Lord!) in Dallas this last weekend...
so the last couple weeks have consisted of me being laser-focused on cleaning out and weeding through 
all. the. things.

(not to mention I have been battling a bit of tummy sickness from the pregnancy...just typical stuff, but it definitely makes daily efforts and to-do's a little harder. And this pregnancy is depleting my energy more than any other one has, so I've had to pace myself a lot lately! Just stinks when you have a lot to do! But...I'm making it! Its all worth it!)

My mom, my mother-in-law, and my aunt all gave stuff and helped with the garage sale this weekend, and it was a huge blessing. (THANK YOU, Mom, Jan, and Ginger!!!!) I was determined to pay my own way for my upcoming annual girls trip this year, so that my hard-working hubby could use his hard-earned money to take a guys trip of his own sometime soon. And guess what? I got my entire trip covered, plus some!! Garage sales are def lots of work (especially when you have lots to go through to get rid of), but I found it to be really fun!

It was supposed to be two days, but because of crazy rain shutting down the highway, I couldn't go to Dallas when planned, so the sale was just all day Saturday. But I'm kind of glad it was just one day, because i am WORN OUT still. 
oh my goodness, garage saleing is no joke.
I got great sleep the night after, but still woke up feeling like I got hit by a Mack truck.

Anyways, the weekend was fun, and it was sweet to see some friendly faces at the sale and God even gave us some neat stories.

And I found that not only was this a great way to clean out and simplify our life, and make some money...but it truly was a little bit of the grieving process for me (and I think for my mom too), as we got rid of some of my Dad's things as well as my Grandmom's. I had to fight back tears a few times as different things were sold. But I knew it's what we needed to do!
It was kind of healing actually.

My favorite story of the day was this sweet old man that bought a Texas A&M bottle opener I had given my Dad years ago. He was really so happy about it.
 I told him it had been my Dad's, who had passed away last year, and told him my Dad was the class of '57 at A&M. 
Well, turns out this man was class of '56 and knew my Dad's name, and knew some of my Dad's good friends (he knew Gene Stallings, who spoke at my Dad's funeral). was really neat to know this little plastic Aggie bottle opener was going to someone my Dad would've given it to.
May sound silly to you, but to me it was just a sweet reminder from the Lord that He was with me even though letting go of some of the "stuff" was emotional.

My big girl sold some water bottles, and we had decided before hand that she could put her money towards a new back back for Pre K this Fall. 
so guess what we are shopping for today?
She was SO proud and I was so proud of her asking people so sweetly if they'd like some water.
Can't wait to see her face when she helps me pay for her new backpack with her own cash!

- - - - - - - - - -

SO, thanks for sticking with me here as I navigate life and blogging and everything in between!
Hope y'all have a good Monday and a blessed week...