a few doses of our summer so far!

Thought I'd catch up here with a few little tidbits of our summer so far..
It's been busier than I thought it would be, but in a good way!
Taking lots of time with my girls at home...they arent in school like they are during the year (they are both just going 1 day a week now),
which means lots of sweet quality time together.
Aaaaand being honest, it also tests my ability to practice patience and grace more, as they are with me and each other all day every day...you mamas of little ones know what I mean!
But it has been good so far, and thankfully not too hot (yet) here in OK.
I cannot believe it is almost July 4th, can y'all!? so crazy.

Well, here's some shots of us...
Hope y'all are enjoying your summer so far!!

- - - - - - - - - -

Abigail has been asking for dates with me, and I have just felt her really needing some one on one time with me...so last week, I dropped Bethany in at school one extra day, and me and big girl spent the day together...we lunched, we shopped, we swam. She kept saying "Mommy we have SO many dates today!". was so good, for both our hearts...

Bethany is my little fishy in the pool....this is the norm when we get home in the afternoon or evening. She wears herself out!!! I have loved watching her find something to pour all her wild energies into and love to do so much!! 

A few weekends ago, we rented a cabin near Beavers Bend State Park, about 4 hours from us. We  went with another family who are good friends of ours, and who have girls the same age as ours. 
We all had a blast, the girls got to get out and about in nature...and it was just so nice to get away from the daily grind for a few days! SUCH a treat and a great weekend. 
(we loved our time with y'all, Kelli and Jon!)

 Abigail got to do a "Frozen" dance camp this summer at her dance studio last week.
She had so much fun and learned a lot...even some Jazz!
(which, if you know me, you know my heart was full seeing that!)

Bethany. We've had a lot of fun together, but well...she's Bethany!
Def going through the throw-yourself-on-the-floor fit phase right now.
Like I've always said, she is my little refiner.
God has made her a strong little lady and is teaching me DAILY how to parent a strong personality.
(if you have one, you know its not the same as others. Def takes some extra heart to mother!)
But I am learning, and she is too.
And God has given us some precious times, even some sudden cuddles from her.
She is passionate in EVERYthing she does...which includes loving. :)

 Oh, and she likes Target like her Mama too. :)

Both girls have loved our time in the pool.
Bethany (see what I wrote above) has always been pretty fearless, so totally goes for it in the water!
I really haven't seen her more happy than when she is at the pool!!

And Abigail, my more cautious and sensitive one, she took a while to warm up to the water.
She has always had more fear about it.
But I cannot tell you how FULL my heart has been to watch her progress and conquer her fears.
So much so that she asks to go swimming every day now!
literally a miracle if you had seen her near the water just a few weeks ago.
This has also been a lesson to me about the power we have as parents to speak constant encouragement over our children, and to guide her in praying for HIS strength to overcome her fears.
She has seen and even acknowledged it herself, which is awesome to see...
"Mommy, God made me SO brave!"

so proud of both my little fishies!

Two sweet girls (teachers here) started this little ice cream truck this summer and we LOVE it!
My friend told me about it bc it came to her son's school...and then we got to visit it when it came to the splash pad one day! And well guess where it came tonight?!
our street!!! yes please. :)

- - - - - - - - - -

Make the most of each day... :)