13.1 tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day.
One I am nervous about, excited about, emotional about, and maybe want to throw up just a little bit about. no really.
It's something I have pictured and dreamt about and worked towards.
While my training has not been ideal, and I let life get in the way too much through this process,
I stayed committed and can't want to see this through...
all the way to the finish line!

I am so blessed to have a group of good friends who will all be racing with me.
It's pretty incredible actually, to have other women, other mamas, working towards the same big goal and accomplishment as you. Even though we didn't all train together as much as I would have liked (because life with little ones is always unpredictable), here we are...
and we will all be finishing this race tomorrow!
Thanks to you ladies, you know who you are.

And you can bet on it...i will be THAT girl that is pretty much weeping as I cross the finish line.
I am actually crying right now just as I write this.

I will be running for the race's cause, which is to remember those lives lost in the OKC bombing in 1995.
I will be running to do this alongside my friends who have worked their butts off for this goal.
I will be running to show myself that hard work and self-discipline pays off.
I will be running and remembering my dad who will be cheering me on from Heaven.
I will be running to see my husband's proud smile at the end.
I will be running to see the sweet signs my little girls have made for me.
I will be running to prove that after the losses and health scares in the last year...
my body IS healthy and worthy of accomplishing big things.
I will run, and keep running, for these things.

And when my strength, physically or mentally, starts to weaken tomorrow...
I will be running because HE is the one who gives me strength!!