snowy porch swing

Y'all. Winter in Oklahoma is cray.

75 one day, 7 the next. seriously!
This last week we enjoyed lots of snow, including two official snow days.
(It's been a little too cold to even go play in it, so we've had to be pretty creative with indoor activities to beat the cabin fever.)
But we definitely have looooved waking up each morning to see the pretty snow all over!

Even though I am ready for Spring, and kind of tired of the whole cold-weather routine like starting the car long before you leave to get it warm, getting everyone all bundled up every. single. time we go outside (which seems to take FOREVER), and shivering just to go get the mail...
I will miss the beauty of this winter.
And I am telling myself to be patient, because I know in about 4 months when it is 358 degrees outside, I'll be missing this crazy cold.

so for now, I will enjoy it!
...and I will swoon over our yellow porch swing being covered in a layer of white...
(somehow, this is good for my soul! :) )

 photo snowy1.jpg

I hope that, wherever you are, you are staying warm and cozy and enjoying whatever season you are in right now...
Happy Sunday, friends.