31 and blessed.

Yesterday, I hit the big 3-1.
(how did this happen?!) :)
Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes yall...you bless my heart!

As y'all all know, this last year (my 30th year) has been by far the hardest of my life.
Losing my dad, losing two babies, a major health scare, learning how to support my mom through her grief, learning to grieve myself, all while raising two busy little girls...
it has had some pretty rough moments.


As I looked through the pictures from this last weekend, from Thanksgiving and my birthday,
the tears started flowing.
The Lord needed to remind me
 that while the enemy wants me to hear
"Sarah, look how much you have LOST"
HE is telling me
"Yes, Sarah, you HAVE lost, but I have been here.
And I HAVE given you so much life, so much blessing."

I mean, look at these precious babies in my lap.
I am beyond thankful.

 photo 311.jpg  photo 312.jpg

Abigail and Bethany are the lights of my life.
Bethany's face (above) pretty much describes how I feel about these two.
Such joy!

And for a special birthday treat, we got to go with our sweet friends next door
to see the Nutcracker yesterday...Abigail's first time.
If you know me, and that I danced my whole life, you know this was a BIG deal and dream come true to take my little girl to this ballet!

 photo 313.jpg  photo 314.jpg  photo 315.jpg
(that might be one of my favorite all time pics of me and my big girl!)

 photo 316.jpg  photo 317.jpg

Thanks for blessing me y'all.
Your encouragement here is part of the reason I can remember that through hard times, there is even more good for me, more blessing to embrace!

Here's to 31...