ice pretties

We are getting some ice (and hopefully snow later tonight!) here in Oklahoma...
so while we are staying close to home, we obviously had to bundle up and go inspect it all!

I absolutely love watching these two beauties explore the creative designs God made in nature.
And one of may favorite sounds is hearing icy leaves crunch under our boots.
Though its cold outside, my heart is warm!

Hope y'all have a good and warm and snuggly weekend!

 photo ice1.jpg  photo ice2.jpg  photo ice3.jpg  photo ice4.jpg  photo ice5.jpg  photo ice6.jpg  photo ice7.jpg  photo ice8.jpg  photo ice9.jpg  photo ice10.jpg  photo ice11.jpg  photo ice12.jpg  photo ice13.jpg  photo ice14.jpg  photo ice15.jpg  photo ice16.jpg