hidden treasure, Ironman race, and adult time = refreshed. (some pics for ya)

we just got back from a beautiful trip...sans kiddos, with friends.
It was amaze. :)

we had originally planned to go because Parker was planning to do the Ironman triathlon there with his two buddies, Sean and Zach. With the crazy season of losing my dad and a baby, we made a really hard decision for him to stop his training to be able to spend more time on family and processing grief. It was a tough decision after he poured months into training...but since we had already bought our tickets, we decided to go still, to make a vacation out of it and to cheer on our friends in the race!

the Ironman race itself was incredible. If you dont know what an Ironman is, it is a triathlon where you
swim 2.4 miles, then bike 112 miles, then run a marathon (26.2 miles). cray. zay.
literally racing for 14 plus hours.
But so SO inspiring to witness. I secretly hope to do one someday. we'll see. :)

We were in Coeur d' Alene. Idaho, which y'all. It is a hidden treasure. GO there!!
We were really close to Spokane, Washington, as well as to the Canadian border, so we went all over, got a new stamp on our passports, and took the most beautiful road trip I've ever taken!

While we def missed our girls so much, it was a huge blessing to spend 7 days of just adult time.
if you parents feel like you are needing to get away to recharge...find a way to do it.
It was a blessing to us AND to our kiddos for us to feel rested and refreshed.

here's *a few* pics for ya. :)

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