boxes & bubble-wrap & a bigger perspective

Thats pretty much all I look at these days...boxes, bubble wrap and what seems like endless closets and drawers 
that still need to be emptied and packed.
seriously, does it ever end?

Thankfully, those boxes and bubble-wrap have provided hours of entertainment for the girls.
(see below)
And mommy may jump in on the bubble popping every once in a while too. 
I mean, it IS really fun. :)

 photo packing1.png

While the physical part of packing an entire house is a little overwhelming at times, 
especially with two littles who need lots of attention, and in addition to the normal daily household things that still have to be done, like make meals and clean clothes...
I am actually finding a little joy in going through our things.
Simplifying our life to move on to our next season and home.

Several months ago, the Lord spoke to me very clearly while I was washing dishes one day.
He said "Simplify. You CAN do this."
He knew I needed a gentle reminder that simplification of stuff and excess in our life really is important.
It is a value we need to reteach ourselves, and that we really want to teach our children.

One thing moving and packing definitely does is remind you how much STUFF you actually do have.
(and when i say stuff I actually am thinking a different word in my head, that also starts with S. haha)

Because honestly, it really is amazing to take inventory of all that you own, and see how much is actually used or not used. 
How much of it you actually need,
and how much you really could go without.
I've been so glad to giveaway quite a bit to people who need it right now.
I'm hoping it will bless those who have recently lost a lot around here lately, after the storms.

Don't get me wrong. 
I am so grateful for the material things the Lord has given us and blessed us with over the years.
But one thing the tornado in Moore reminded me of, is that it ALL can be gone in a flash.
And that if I have the right ETERNAL perspective...about the "stuff" in my life...
I know that I will be okay if it happened to me.
Clearly, I would be sad to lose the precious items.
But I just don't want to be attached to THINGS at all. Because that's exactly what they are.

OK well, I got off on a tangent, sorry.
It's just amazing how much my mind and heart have been processing through this packing and moving process.
The Lord speaking to me through it has made it a lot easier than I anticipated!
Thankful for that.

 photo packing2.png

Our house we have been renting the last two years has been a good one for us.
One we have loved and appreciated.
Some things I will miss are the spruce trees in our front yard, our big picture windows on the front of the house (which were the first ones I opened each morning)
and our large yard with lots of playing space.
We will also miss the walk to our neighborhood playground and lake.
One of the best things about this house, though,
 is that it is where we brought Bethany home after she was born.
HER first home.
It will always be extra special because of that.

But we are super excited to have our own home now. 
Our own family nest.
And if you know me well, you know I LOVE to nest. :)
It's a wonderful new house that I look forward to making our own for our family,
and hope to be in for a long time, or until the Lord says differently.
Can't wait to show y'all pics of it soon!

the house we are moving out of...
 photo packing3.png

And I want to say one more thing about this move.
This was TOTALLY the Lord.
We have seen Him follow through on some words He gave us over a year ago.
This is part of that coming to pass.
I am so thankful to see Him moving..there really is nothing better to watch.

so, here's to packing like a mad woman for the next 3 days,
more bubble wrap popping, trying to survive moving in 100 degree heat,
and pressing on towards a simplified life.

God is good, y'all.

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