fresh motivation (a new series coming)

It may just simply be the tougher season I have been in the last few months,
 or the big (and good!) things that are coming ahead
(like moving to a new house, and working through some business ideas with a friend)...
but lately I haven't been feeling much motivation for the things I usually do.
Mainly including blogging.
(in case you havent noticed. lol)
But not limited to or excluding folding laundry or cleaning my house.
ahem. cue a maid. ASAP.
and a cook.
The one exception is that I have been working out and trying to get fit again. 
I am training for my third Triathlon...June 1st is go day...yikes!  
But a good friend is doing it with me, so that helps. (Thanks Kel! We're gonna rock it!)

- - - - - - - - - -

Because I think it's a good thing for everyone to do sometimes...
I'm gonna find some fresh motivation.
seek it out, encourage myself in new ways.

Because as much as I want to sit here and say that I can just talk myself into being motivated,
or that I can "pray enough" to get motivated,
or that I can just "look within", or look to the Lord,
sometimes we need to find some encouragement other than our normal ways.
(don't get all legalistic on me, folks.
I'm not saying look away from the Lord for motivation.
I just believe He can provide encouragement for us in new ways,
if we are willing to let Him move IN us!)

While the actual physical motivation hasn't been there,
the desire to be MOVED is stronger than ever.
So, here I am,
ready and willing to be motivated and moved and encouraged and stirred.

- - - - - - - - - -

here's what I've decided to do.

Starting tomorrow... each day for the next week or two,
I am going to share something here
that is motivating or moving to me.
Consider it kindof like a motivation "series".
It might be a video, another blogger, a picture, a verse, anything.

It could be powerful, y'all.
And I invite you to share anything that is motivating you right now too.
(just leave it in the comments!)
It could be another blog post, a friend's adventures, an article, a you tube video, a song, a scripture, a fresh revelation from the Lord, or a conversation with a friend.
Just find it and be encouraged in a fresh way.

Find some motivation.
Fuel yourself.
Influence your thinking.
Move your body.
Stretch your brain.
Stir your heart.
Freshen your spirit.

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