Bloglovin help!?!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

 just trying to set my little ole blog here up on Bloglovin... Ill give y'all the deets on following me there soon! :)

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ok SO....
I need help with this, my blogging friends.
Im gonna be honest. I have NO idea how to use Bloglovin!
i know i know. im a blogger. i should be better at these things.
but alas, I'm not.

Help? :)

what do y'all do?
how do you use it?
how do you find blogs with it?
why use it?

haha I know I sound a little clueless here,
but hey I kind of am. :)

I know I could just tweet out these questions to all you fabulous bloggers and tweeters,
but that would take a million back and forths.
So, would yall do me a favor and just email me your thoughts/answers
about using Bloglovin??

THANKS! and love ya.

email me, for real.

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