incredible friends...

This week, it hit me how blessed I am to have some amazing friends.
Truly they are some of my very best friends.
Friends I met though blogging.
Friends who I spent one of the best trips of my life with last Fall.
(and no, we had never met each other!)
Friends who I share life with.
Friends who make me laugh pretty much daily.
like pee my pants laugh.
Friends who all text each other so much that people's phones die.
Friends who encourage each other.
Friends who dream about yummy food together. We even have a pin board together. 
full of food ideas. haha
Friends who ask for prayer for each other DAILY.
We do life together. the good, the beautiful, the hilarious, and the hard.

whew. I could write about these ladies forever and ever.
But I really just want y'all to go know their hearts yourself.
So, if you don't know them already...
go bless yourself. :)


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a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

call me blessed

the honey pot

lovingly thrown together

sunrise & sunset



my heart misses you so much!

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one last thing.
and def not least....
go click on the Hope Spoken button below, and find out more.
It is a conference hosted by some of the most incredible women Ive met through this blog.
And the speakers are going to be amazing.

oh and guess what?
its is DALLAS!
(hey hey hometown)

Next March, 2014!!
tickets go on sale THIS Friday, March 1st...
Ill have more info about it here on Friday!

hope spoken

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