a word from the Lord...

My prayer for you today is this...

that you would rest in knowing who is in control of your life.
that you would trust Him with it all, whatever it is.
that you would be confident, because He is in charge.

relationships, family, finances, friendships, jobs, whatever.
He really can take care of it all for you.
He wants to.
Quit fighting for control.
Let Him.
it's HIS job.

He wants to control it because He loves you.
He wants to have a relationship with you.
A true friendship.
Being in relationship with Jesus is NOT about religion.
Has nothing to do with it, actually.
It has nothing to do with church, with small groups, with rules, or doing "what's right".

It's about a love between two people.
A trusted relationship that provides all you would ever want and need.

He wants that with you.
He wants that with me.
I need it. badly.

{I desperately do not want to be in control anymore..
It's too much to try and handle on my own.}

May you see today that there is a person who wants to handle it all for you.

- - - - - - - - - -

Blessings friends, Have a good weekend...

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