Whole30 Recommit...I'm back at it. Join me.

so remember this post when I told yall about my venture into eating Paleo and doing the Whole30 challenge?
I have been nothing but impressed with the way it has changed my life...
including the biggest thing it did for me:
break my sugar addiction.

While I have eaten Paleo/Whole30 SOME, It hasn't been as big of a dedication as I'd like it to be.
And this time around it is not as much about losing the weight
(though I have put on a few El Bees in the last 2 months)...
this time its more about just feeling healthy again, and getting off of the "highs" that processed sugar gives me...
and instead keeping the healthy natural energy all day long that is available to me if I just eat the right things.
It may seem hard, but I'm telling y'all, it really is simple.
no joke, trust me.
If I can do it, anyone can.

so, on to the confessionals:
here's what has happened in the last two months that got me a little off track:


remember my trip to Lake Placid? we basically ate straight off a Pinterest board.
and then Halloween: a recovering sugar addict's nightmare.
then, just Fall. :)
and then... (dun dun dun)...
we all know what happens at Thanksgiving.
and the day after too, let's be honest people, thanksgiving leftovers are yum.

So here's my report, since I have been vulnerable with y'all about this since the beginning:

In the last 2 months I have gained about 6 lbs back, which is nothing I am crying about.
I am basically in the vicinity of what I'd like to remain weight-wise.
While I'd still like to lose a little more of my "mommy belly" 
(you mommies know what Im talking about)...
it's more just that I don't feel as healthy when I am eating more processed foods and junk.
You know?


back to the basics.
Back to healthy fats, proteins, veggies, and fruits.
the real-deal God-made foods. :)
I made that up but it sounds good, right? hehe

{{below I'll list some great websites for y'all to learn more about all this}}


Our good friend Jason always cracks me up when he makes something healthier and just says he is eating "health". :) (love you Jason!)

so I headed to the grocery store yesterday and stocked up on some "health". 
It always amazes me at the vibrance of my shopping cart when I am shopping with the intention of cooking healthier, versus a shopping cart full of boxes and processed things.
It actually really excites me! 

I meal planned for the next 2 weeks,
and my hubby and I committed to do this together as best as we can.
(it helps to have a partner in this, so convince your spouse if you want to do it...it actually can become a fun thing between yall, to cook healthy and learn tricks and tips of changing your lives!)


several of you jumped on board the first time I posted about this, and I've got to say it has been SO encouraging to get the emails I have gotten, with people sharing their stories and how doing Whole 30 has changed them.
I'm not gonna go into all the how-to details again, but please please go read more!

but basically...
it's lots of healthy fats and proteins, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds.
its gluten-free, dairy-free, and processed-sugar-free.

it's pretty much amazing.
and I promise it's more doable than you might think.

click on this button over on my sidebar to keep up with my journey:

I'll also be posting more recipes weekly!

I'm starting this over again.
I'm determined to continue a lifestyle of being healthy.
Eating this way already broke my sugar addiction, but I know there's still more for me to gain from it.

Who's with me?!
you CAN and should do this.

Click on this to learn all about Whole30...


I seriously don't mean to sound like a fad diet commercial, but like I've said before,
it's just something I can't NOT tell people about now, you know?

I turn 30 tomorrow (yikes), so it's kind of fitting...

I'm taking on the Whole30 challenge starting today.
Join me, make a commitment to start in the next week,
and let me know how I can encourage you!
I don't have all the answers by any means, but I am just in this with you!!

lets do this.
It's worth it.