random stuff on my heart. and a rant or two.


i just havent been feeling the blogging thing lately.
I mean, i feel it. (clearly, I just redid my blog design!)
But I just have been tossing around so much in my head to share, or not to share,
that when I sit down to actually write a post, I get a little overwhelmed so I just shut it down.

I have said it before, but I don't ever want to share out of just myself, if that makes sense.
At least about the "deeper" things"...
I only ever want to share as the Lord leads me.

It is the Lord's to use and to speak through and to challenge me through.
And to build community through and to bless others through...
and to bless HIM.

ANYwho...I thought I'd just write out some randoms on my heart right now, while the girls are napping away. :) some pretty serious, some just random. Thanks for listening.

random #1. I am wanting to hear His voice more clearly than ever, and I am hearing Him speak more clearly now. It is refreshing to know He is listening to me too.

random #2. I am excited for the holidays, and for sweet time with family and friends that we dont see often.
and for the yummy food.

random #3. my eating has been terrible lately, mainly bc I had a switch in some medicines. I still attempt to eat Paleo probably about 50% of the time, but I really want and need it to be more! And i need to work out but havent in forever. I miss it terribly, but just havent made the effort. :(

random #4. on that note, I am going to be doing a "recommitment" to Whole30 eating in the next few days, and will talk about it on my blog again...so if you want to join in, get ready! I need the encouragement too!

rant #1. I am saddened by the "mold" that so many believers put themselves in bc it is the "christian" way to act or talk. UGH.  I even just saw a video making fun of this!!
I have often wondered if I should blog about this issue,  but haven't. I don't want to hurt people, and also I haven't because I am the first to admit that I fall into it sometimes. I do.
But it is just amazing to me how FLESHLY we can act while trying to act Godly. And how people don't even realize what they (we) are doing.
All I can say right now is this: BE REAL. BE WHO GOD MADE YOU TO BE. quit acting because everyone around you acts that way or tells you you should. God made you YOU for a reason.
{ahem. may be a post coming about this soon.}  OK that little random rant is over. deep breath. :)

rant #2. on that note, and sorry for another rant about faith stuff, but I just have to say it. I am utterly disgusted at how a particular big name church where I am from has treated people I know. People I am close to and love. It is actually pretty appalling at the reasons they have given for treating these people a certain way, and it is NOT the way JESUS would love on people. And yes, i do know the whole story. Even more than I am disgusted, I am saddened. I am not only saddened for the people affected, but just as much for the people who have no idea that the church they pretty much idolize is acting in such ways.

rant #2 cont'd. (woah, a lot I know.) and i am fully aware that this happens at LOTS of churches, but this is just one instance where it has affected someone very close to me and I am so sad. ALSO, I am fully aware that churches are made up of PEOPLE. Fleshly, sinful people. So aware of this. But still saddened and angered that this has happened.

{{I am also fully aware that I am a sinful fleshly person and I am not trying to cast stones here. Just talking. I continue to pray for restoration and healing for all parties involved}}

thats all about that. sorry. whew.
ok back to happy.

random #wherewasi oh yeah #5. I am so so glad Parenthood is back on tonight! It is our favorite show hands down. I have missed it so much with all the election stuff taking over prime time in the last month. Thank God that's over. Well, kindof. hmmm.

random #6. I am SO excited it is getting cold. I love cold weather, even though I dont really do well with it. But I love the hats, gloves, scarves, etc!!  brrrrrr. :)

random #7. I continue to be amazed by my little family every day and by the love God has given in my life. I feel overwhelmingly blessed these days. I cannot believe how big the girls are right now. We are coming up on 3 and 1 for birthdays, which just blows my mind.

random #8. speaing of birthdays, I officially have like 2 weeks left until I enter another decade. (it starts with the number 3). ugh! But thats ok...I welcome it and the new adventures another year brings!

random #9. I am thankful for yall. For the encouragement I receive through this blogging thing. I am always blown away by the responses, emails, and love that I get to be a part of. I love yall!!!  Thanks for doing life with me here.

ok I think that's all I got right now.

Hope y'all have a fabulous evening!!!