feeling disconnected...on purpose.

I am "unplugging" for the next week or so, and will miss my daily "social media" interactions with yall...
but it's something I am just wanting to do right now.

This coming week holds lots sweetness for us...
-quality time with family we don't get to see much of, 
-catching up with good friends that live far away,
-meeting my best friend's new baby for the first time,
-cooking a Thanksgiving meal with my mom,
-watching our girls get loved on by everyone back home,
-spending a few (much needed) days away, just me and my husband, while the girls get some good grandparent time.
-eating lots of amazing food
-and of course, going to the Aggie game next weekend. :)

I just know that this coming week is a time that He is asking me to put down any and all "distractions", and just BE.


There are some big things He is putting in front of me to pray about right now, that need my whole heart.
So I am committing to that, and look forward to hearing Him speak.

And it's not like the social media is always distracting. But it's one of those things that is always just "there", 
you know what I mean? (that's a whole other blog post y'all). ANYwho.

all that said. I'm disconnecting. 
I'm going to take my social media apps off my phone for the next 7 days...including my email.
There's just always that temptation to be looking at instagram, or taking pics of my own, or checking emails, etc etc. 
So I'm taking it away from myself for a bit.
I'm not even going to schedule any blog posts to post while I'm away!
(but I do look forward to sharing all about our thanksgiving festivities with y'all when I get back!)

honestly, I'm looking forward to the added "stillness" I know it will bring to my days. :)

until next week friends...

Have a beautiful and joy-filled Thanksgiving!!!!
(and know that I am thankful for YOU!)

gobble gobble.