I am seriously rich.

"Sarah, I love you so much.
I love our life together.
I love our girls.
I love our family.
I am so thankful to be so rich in love."

That was an out-of-the-blue text I got from my precious Parker yesterday.
In the middle of trying to meet a crazy deadline at work,
throwing himself into it full force as the Lord's tool to provide for our family,
In the midst of worries about money and debt and bills and time
and a million things that need to be done
and just wondering what season is next for us,

he stopped to realize (and remind ME)...


Having high value or quality.
Having abundance.
Being well-supplied or endowed.
Magnificently Impressive.
Vivid and Deep.
Having a strong fragrance.
Highly productive.
Meaningful, Significant.

(definitions from Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Those words, those descriptions of what it means to be rich
DO something to my soul.
like really, they move me, and evoke emotions.

And it evokes gratitude too.
Thankfulness that the Lord has bestowed HIS richness on me.
On my family.
On ALL His children.


Some things that being RICH means to me:

The knowledge that no matter what, He is GOOD.
A precious husband and an ever-growing marriage.
Grace that I don't deserve but for Jesus.
All 4 of us snuggled together in Abigail's twin bed.
Seeing a beautiful face appear after hours of labor.
Sitting and talking about faith with my family.
Building community and relationship with new friends.
Having friends who understand and encourage our radical faith.
Getting random heartfelt texts, like above, from my husband.
Witnessing a baby discover her hands and feet.
Watching as her hair blows in the breeze of the ceiling fan while she sleeps.
Hearing my two year old pray for healing.
Remembering the ways He has delivered me and freed me from bondages.
Staying up way too late talking and dreaming with Parker.
Knowing that no matter what the number in the bank account is,
God will always meet our needs.

I just want to take in the "vividness", the "depth, the "abundance".
Literally breath in the "strong fragrance" of my life.


I am seriously rich, y'all.
And i have a feeling you are too.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Heavenly lights,
who does not change like shifting shadows."
James 1:17

linking up with my lovely girl, Jami...
go be blessed.