from Kassie's heart {a guest post}:

Today I want you to meet one of my sweet bloggy friends, Kassie.
She is seriously one of the most encouraging and affirming friends I have made through blogging. She always leaves a comment or sends an email to encourage me. :)
(thanks girl!)

She blogs here, so go meet her yall.

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Hi, I'm Kassie and I blog over at K plus J equals love where I write about my love for Jesus, being a wife and mama, my fears, struggles, passions, and whatever else is on my heart! I'm excited to be on Sarah's blog today! I love reading her words and seeing her life on this blog. She's such an encouragement to me!

Lately what's been on my heart is this pregnancy (I'm at the end of my 27th week as I write) and all that it means. It means a lot of change, which I am excited for. I am so excited to meet sweet little Maeva that is growing inside of me. I cannot wait to see her face and hold her. I look forward to seeing her with her daddy and her brother. I know it will be a joy!

You know what else I know it will be? Exhausting!

I am already feeling pretty darn exhausted having to chase around a toddler, but I know its not even the beginning! It's one of the changes I'm most nervous about actually.

I fear that I'm going to be so exhausted that I won't be able to get out of bed.

That I won't be able to function or enjoy life.

I fear that I am just going to be so tired and I really hate being so tired.

The other night I was talking to my husband about this fear and how, really, I am afraid that I can't do this mother of two thing.
He told me that God knows I can do this because He is giving me another child.
So encouraging to me! So I am reminding myself right now (and will continue to) that God knows that I can do this. He will be the one to carry me through becoming a mother of two. He will carry me through the exhaustion and all motherhood entails. As long as I read His word and lean on Him, I will find rest! Coffee may help too! ;)

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Thanks Kassie, for sharing your heart.
We can do this mother-of-two thing together, girl!
it IS exhausting at times, but it is also the best thing ever...I'm so happy for you friend!!
Look forward to hearing about your journey in it!

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