exhaustion is real

Well after about three days of feeling dizzy, faint, and terrible sharp constant headaches,
I woke up Friday morning with the added symptom of vomiting.
I had been thinking maybe I was just exhausted (which I am), and that I would get better,
but something just didn't feel right.
So we headed to the ER.

The Dr we saw was worried about a possible blood clot since I had a baby not too long ago.
Apparently clots break off a lot easier in postpartum women due to the body healing itself after delivery.
So here we were, sitting there all day thinking I might have a blood clot in my brain, causing all these scary symptoms.

BUT. God is good.
After CT scan, chest xray, and lots of blood work, we found out that I just have a severe sinus/inner-ear infection, combined with
"extreme exhaustion".
So I am on some heavy duty antibiotics and some anti-naseau medication.

and the main prescription: REST.

thats hard to do with two, very needy, little girls.
(especially with a tiny one who nurses all night still)
My amazing mother in law came in town to help (she was already planning to come this weekend, so that was a huge God thing).

Anyways...we are so thankful nothing more serious was going on.
I had been battling a very loud spirit of fear the last several days, thinking that something was seriously wrong with me and that I was not going to get better.
Our enemy is so convincing sometimes, no?
I hate him.

So...I may not be around the blog much in the next several days, as I need to spend every minute I can trying to rest and sleep. I appreciate those of you who have prayed already for me, it means a lot.

Exhaustion is a real thing, and is not something to be taken lightly.
In the doctors words " exhaustion makes ANY sickness EXPONENTIALLY worse",
which is why I felt so crazy and disoriented from just a sinus infection.

So I encourage you right now with this...if YOU need to hear it:
Find peace, find quiet. Just do it, whenever and wherever you can.
It is vital, and I haven't been doing it enough.
I can find excuse after excuse to not rest or sleep, but look where it got me.

I have often said that God gives me the grace to get up and do each day after not much sleep...and He still does!
I used to consider myself a good "rester", but after number two came along, it seems theres just more to do during naptime or after they are in bed at night.
But I know He's trying to get my attention, that sometimes its ok to put other things aside and just rest.

"Come unto me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened...
and I will give you REST."
Matthew 11:28