a breather

I am tired and run down, needing a breather from life.
I'm needing more of His presence. HIS rest.
I've definitely been through harder seasons, and I am not even calling this season hard.
But one thing I DO know about this season, this period of life...
is that I am in great need of rest and renewal.
Of everything.

My spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical being needs rest and renewal right now.

It's not just about sleep, though this mama could seriously use some.
It's about taking care of myself, in every way.
What I am feeding myself, spiritually and physically is vital to my health right now.
(well, it always is really)

This little corner of blogland brings me renewal, it brings me encouragement and support.
It has added LIFE to my life, if that makes sense.
But for now, and just for the next week or two,
I am taking a rest...
no computer, no blogging. 
Please don't hear me say that I'm taking a break from blogging because blogging takes away from my life...
it in fact does the opposite.

It's more just about putting things "in order" for this little breather.
I need to renew my focus on things like cooking healthy, exercising and taking care of myself,
planning activities for Abigail, loving on my hubby more, reading that parenting book on my nightstand, taking naps when needed, etc.
And most of all,
I just am yearning for more of His restful presence, without the distractions of anything else.

I don't know what this break will look like as I spend time with Him and with myself...
I dont have a plan.
I just need HIM.

so all that to say...I'm taking a breather and I'll see y'all in a week or two.
Love ya.