Jen's leg of the race: a guest post

Hebrews 12:1 is the heart of my blog.
(its over there on the left sidebar for you to read!)
It talks about this race we are running and the joy that is before us.
(hence, "Racing Towards Joy") :)
We are each in a different leg of the race, and I think it's amazing and encouraging to see and hear testimonies from others who run this race with us.

so starting today,
I am so excited to share some of the hearts I love with you...
I've asked several ladies to share
about the part of their RACE that God has them in right now.

It may be the same leg you are in, one you have already completed,
or one that you will face in the future.
If you've ever run, biked, or whatever in a race,
you know the power there is in seeing the masses of people surrounding you,
all running towards the same goal, no matter how fast, how slow, or how you trained for it.
Let's do this thing together, as He desires it to be done.

So let me introduce an amazing woman and mama to you...
Go bless her, check out her blog, and learn from her wisdom. :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hi lovely readers! My name is Jen and I blog over at Just Like Heaven I was so excited when Sarah asked me to be a guest poster on her amazing blog!

I am a wife to a wonderful man and a mommy to six awesome little ones
and two fabulous weiner dogs. :)
My kids are: Ethan - 14 years, Kylie - 9 years, Blake - 8 years, Derek - 5 years, Jett - 3 years, and Lily Pearl - 2 years.

Oh my gosh, just typing that seems insane! Thats a lot of little ones!!!

I LOVE being a mom!
I had my first at nineteen years old and have either been pregnant or nursing ever since. I never imagined that I would have six kids, three sounded like a good number.
But here we are and I wouldn't change a thing.
My children make me happier than anything else on earth.
It is so hard sometimes and sometimes I feel like I need to be commited to a mental hospital. :)
But, then one of them gives me a sweet picture or a big hug and I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father trusted me to take care of them and love them.

After our last was born, I really struggled.
She was a really hard baby and we knew our family was definitely complete.
Balancing all of the demands of each individual child and making sure they get what they need is hard work and exausting.

When Lily was about eighteen months old, I started to feel a little bit sad that I was never going to have another baby.
I LOVED the baby stage! I realized that I would never give birth again or nurse a newborn.
At the same time, I was happy to not have to be up all night and to have a little more freedom because our Ethan babysits.

This is just another season of my life.
I get to watch all of these precious gifts from God grow up.
I get to cheer them on at their dance competitions and soccer games.
We can do more now that they are getting older.
Vacations are more fun, going to the pool is not as nuts, and I am finally getting to go back to the gym and take care of myself a little.
It is nice.

I am so blessed to have such a big crazy family and I pray everyday that I can be a great mom and that I will survive. :)

xoxoxo Jen

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanks Jen - love you and your heart.
What a beautiful family God has blessed you with,
I sincerely look forward to learning from you as my little family grows.
**check out Jen's blog here, and check her precious shop here**