I'm {blank} because . . .

Hey kids. :)
Hope you are as stuffed as I am after Turkey Day!

I'm Sarah, if you don't know me, and I'm sharing some randoms
about myself with you! and if we are already bf (bloggy friends),
you can get to know me better!!

(im copying this idea from some friends...
casey, emily, and a few others!)

I'm {BLANK} because . . .


I'm weird because . . .
I eat like a kid, I have PBJ and Spaghettios for lunch all the time
(and i did this long before i was a mama)
I hate wearing shoes.
I rarely accessorize, but I HAVE to wear earrings every day.
I am very coordinated in physical activity, but I trip at home all the time.
I HAVE to sleep with my memory foam pillow, or I don't sleep.
I put deodorant on before bed.

I'm a bad friend because . . .
I am not a phone person at all.
(so), I'm terrible at initiating phone calls.
I'm bad about letting "life" get in the way of relationships,
when really the relationship would ADD life to me.
I'm still figuring out how to coordinate naptime/grumpy baby time
with scheduling time to spend with friends.


I'm a good friend because . . .
When I say I am praying for you, I am.
I try to speak truth from the Lord,
and don't hesitate to point out where you might be listening to lies.
I don't tell you I'm "fine" if I'm not.
I want to get to know your significant other bc he is important to you.

I'm sad because . . .
My hubby and my baby have both been sick this week.
There is no cure for Parkinson's Disease, which my Dad suffers from.
My little girl is growing up way. too. fast.
(she turned 23 months today!)
I'll be 29 next week, and that makes me feel old.
This is the last 6 weeks of just me and Abigail, before #2 arrives.


I'm happy because . . .
In 6 weeks-ish, I get to fall in love all over again with our new princess.
We are putting up the Christmas tree next week.
(it's my bday tradition)
I get to witness a good friend get married this weekend.
I love blogging, and this whole community. yall rock.
It's getting cold finally.
God continues to meet our every need, even to the penny.
I have a family who loves me so well.


Hope you learned a little bit about me,
I'd LOVE to get to know you better!!
(i think everyone should do a post similar to this,
its so fun to learn about each other!)


AND, while I dont have a shop myself...
I'm linking up with some AMAZING ladies who have AMAZING shops,
which Im def gonna be parusing as Christmas draws near!
Check them out,
and make some new bloggy friends while you are at it!!