First Class Worth


I just spent the last 5 days in Salt Lake City at a convention for my job. It was an amazing time!! On my flight home, something crazy happened...

So I checked in for my last flight and when I scanned my boarding pass, it made me stop, and printed out a new one with a seat change. I looked down at it as I walked down onto the plane and realized it said FIRST CLASS. Ummm WUT.

No idea how it happened, but I somehow ended up in first class tonight. But I ain’t complainin'!

I fumbled a bit at first, feeling nervous I would get “found out” as if I had done something wrong. I tried for too long to get my tray table up from the seat before I just gave up lol (they don’t just fold down from the seat in front of you). I passed on the first round of drink orders while I googled info about if my drink is included in first class (needless to say - I figured out it is and yes wine on my plane ride home was such a treat!). And I felt nervous to talk to the people next to me for fear of them finding out I was “out of place”.

But once I realized the flight attendant was in fact not going to come kick me out or tell me it was a mistake, I settled in. I enjoyed the big seats and the leg room and the bigger window (and some wine too obvs).

And then, I got emotional. It hit me that this was a sweet gift from the Lord to my heart. My heart that has struggled in the past with fear of rejection, fear of fitting in, fear of not being enough. Also to my heart that has said yes in the last two years DESPITE those fears (and even IN THE MIDST OF those fears). My heart that said yes this week on my work trip. It was a sweet funny little gift from God to tell me He sees me and that it’s okay to dream big and that He is proud of me for saying yes. AND THAT I DO BELONG.

So then I am just the blubbering mess in the First Class cabin from Denver to OKC, feeling alllll the feels, the main one being gratefulness for this journey I am on. What a crazy and stretching and rewarding and challenging and beautiful thing it is!

Don’t limit God, y’all. He has WAY MORE for you if you are willing to just say yes and then let Him work in you.