Coffee and Kindness (paying it forward!)


A sweet friend brought me a coffee in the carpool line last week...a total surprise to roll down my window when she walked over and handed me a yummy drink!! It was a perfect pick-me-up during that afternoon energy lull!

(btw this is was the first time for me to have Starbucks new Holiday Spice Flat White...with Almond Milk... and I am now OBSESSED. It is soooo yummy.)

Super thankful for friends who think outside the box in kindness and generosity. Those kind of friends are truly one of a kind. This simple act pushed me to want to give pay it forward if you will.

Isn't it funny how that can happen...we've all heard the stories of someone paying for someone behind them in the drive thru line and how it just keeps going after that. Those stories might seem old news...but they still give me chills.

How can we be a better friend/sister/daughter/boss/school parent this holiday season? How can we start a little ripple of kindness and giving and LOVE? 

Even if its just something you do for a family member this coming week at your Thanksgiving it. It will be worth it. 

So, I want to do something for you today...the first 4 people who email me about this post...I have a Starbucks drink on me waiting for you. :)

Email me Tell me you read this post, and tell me how you plan to pay it forward this week! I will email you a giftcard right then!! 

Yay for coffee and yay for kindness!!!!